The Mission StatementHelp 2018 down ballot candidates run meaningful campaigns & engage “bottom up” voter turnout

The Mountain Values Coalition will help candidates run effective, meaningful campaigns and win elections in down ballot races across Western North Carolina by providing financial and logistical support. Early seed money is crucial.

Getting candidates to file is ¼ the battle. From there, candidates will need the help and resources to get their campaign off the ground in order to reach constituents and get out the vote.

We can help change the narrative around how we campaign and what we’re campaigning for by working together. In turn, we will establish stronger relationships with candidates and ultimately elected officials, which will empower our collective community voice.

Focusing energy on county level politics will establish new connections with constituents that are hyper-focused on these issues affecting their daily lives. Counties across WNC are facing increased competition in all elections, and it’s important to help these candidates reach their audience. This will engage a “bottom up” approach to voter turnout in a midterm election.

The VisionStrengthen campaign infrastructure & the voice of working families across WNC

We will help to empower the voice of working families and stand for the issues that reflect the mountain values that are rooted in this region by developing a network of progressives throughout Western North Carolina. By helping campaigns get off the ground in rural mountain communities, we are ultimately paving the way for a stronger farm team with 2020 elections on the horizon. Increasing engagement now between voters and the county level establishes a foundation of accountability and expectations that we need. 

By streamlining progressive communication with one another, we can hone in on our messaging, characterized by working families’ values that are as blue as the mountains that we call Home. Together, we can aid in the economic and social development of this part of North Carolina for a brighter future.

We can reach across borders and work to elect candidates in neighboring counties that will advocate Mountain Values. As the area continues to thrive and grow, we can work collaboratively to ensure that companies find a place in WNC and continue to bring good-paying jobs to our region.

“All of this is possible. We simply must prioritize how we collaborate together, elect good citizens into office, and prioritize the right values. The future of North Carolina depends on it.”Al Whitesides, Commissioner District 1, Buncombe County

What we’re working forThe Issues

We believe in policies that will enhance the greater good of the people that live in these mountains.

We support public schools that help kids thrive, including universal pre-K funding and childcare, and job placement training that will help future generations succeed and fulfill quality work. As our schools face devastating budget cuts from the state, now more than ever the county level commitment to public school support is absolutely vital.

We support working families by bringing in living wage jobs, and in order to accomplish this, we must work across county lines to ensure that we attract employers to the area that will promote our local economy.

Together we must fight the devastating effects of the opioid crisis that has attacked Western North Carolina by taking comprehensive measures that will constructively address addiction as a disease and employ fast-action responses to overdoses.

We advocate the development of the infrastructure that our day-to-day lives are based upon: a public transportation system that works and a sustainable model to establish long-term affordable housing.

Transparency and good government can be achieved and maintained by electing officials that abide by a moral compass. We must repair trust between law enforcement and the community by promoting open dialogue as well as taking constructive action to reduce racial equity.

We have to be ambitious about combating climate change and preserving the mountains that we revere deeply by conserving land, promoting a local food system, and shielding our water resources from harm. By focusing on public awareness and policy measures to reduce our environmental footprint, this can be done.

Together we can continue to strengthen our community by enforcing policies that promote diversity and inclusion, that protect these beautiful mountains, that offer a sustainable way of life in this place that we call home.

The DetailsOur Plan of Action 

  • Step 1: Research & Evaluation

    Identify potential candidates for endorsements running for Commission, Sheriff, School Board, etc. throughout counties in Western North Carolina.

  • Step 2: Endorse & Support

    Approved candidates are granted endorsements, thus provided with financial and logistical strategic support to help them get their campaign off the ground, reach constituents, and develop meaningful relationships.

  • Step 3: Increase "Bottom Up" 2018 Voter Turnout

    We can help shape the narrative around campaigns and elected officials to bolster civics awareness and voter participation. Reaching voters based on issues that most impact their daily lives – on the county level – will engage a “bottom up” approach to 2018 voter turnout, which we desperately need.